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What is hCG and what it does?
Human chorionic gonadotropin, known as hCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy of women. Activates the hypothalamus which mobilizes stored fat from the mother. This is essential because it helps to ensure that the baby gets the fuel it needs to be healthy.HCG affect metabolic functions that fat can be easily transferred to the bloodstream of fat stored blocked reserve fats.
HCG causes blood clots?
The internet is a source of information, false and true. One of the false claims about hCG is causing blood clots. Occasionally blood clots in the leg are diagnosed during pregnancy.This condition, called thrombophlebitis, is more likely to occur during pregnancy because of changes in the bloodstream. Blood flow in the legs occurs (a condition called stasis) due to the pressure of the uterus and blood vessels due to changes in blood and blood clotting mechanisms. Clots occur in less than 1% of all pregnancies.
Remember that a pregnant woman produces 13.000.000IU of hCG (15,000 times less for weight loss.) In one day and not a single doctor has never accredited to the hCG blood clots.
There are hundreds of articles on the benefits of hCG pregnancy and those who use it to lose weight. Recently, scientists have discovered that the hCG in pregnant women who have tested positive for HIV actually protect the baby in many cases of transmission of the disease from her mother. Other studies show promise with hCG at some time is used to treat cancer tumors and brain.
There are several good side effects for people taking hCG for weight loss. People with arthritis, rheumatism, colitis, psoriasis, brittle nails, gastric and duodenal ulcer and some allergies have claimed their symptoms reduced drastically while using hCG. Then you can come back the same symptoms or decrease.
Who should not take hCG?
Women should not take hCG during the first two days of his term strong.
The use of hCG can aggravate gout, be sure to take a vitamin pill with potassium gluconate.
If you have gallbladder problems using hCG it can aggravate because fat intake is small.
In more than 60 years of testing and use of hCG, there is no single valid report stating that hCG is harmful or have ever killed. Even those who make such claims on the Internet never place a specific case. More 1.000.000 used hCG to lose weight last year without serious side effects. Here shay some clinical studies of hCG for weight loss: study Formulating an oral hCG for treatment of obesity: a double-blind study. Authors: Daniel o.Belluscio MD Leonor e. MD Ripamonte read the report a positive article clinical work on hCG and obesity. It also exposes six studies that attempted to refute the benefit of hCG by conducting studies deficient. “Chorionic Gonadotropin obesity” by Dr. Harry A. Guzman, printed in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” read the report.
How does the hCG diet works?
This weight reduction method was developed by Dr. ATW Simeon and is based on the theory that there are three types of fat – fat necessary to support the kidneys, soften arteries, etc. fuel and grease which is located in the body. The third type is that accumulates excess fat in the typical areas and causes obesity. Fat deposits of this type are relatively “fixed” and not readily available to the body as fuel. Therefore the method of “starvation diet” attacking the fat easily available, is necessary and the patient suffers from fatigue, it becomes haggard, wrinkling and skin starts to lose fat bad areas.
Dr. Simeon discovered that human chorionic gonadotropin – hCG – ataquea fat “fixed” first and injections of hCG combined with a 500 calorie diet causes the patient to lose fat “abnormal” without being tired, because the hormone hCH triggers movement fat “set”, allowing it to burn fuel. This leaves normal fat reserves not only affected but really restored so that the patient has a fresh, healthy appearance.
Is it safe to use hCG?
The women’s bodies produce extremely high amounts of hCG when they are pregnant, as much a million IU per day without any effect, it is the way of nature to ensure a healthy baby. The amount of hCG per day in this program is from 124 IU to 200 IU per recommended daily dose.
Why a diet of 500 calories?
The hCG causes your hyphothalamos moving very fat from fat storage locations so that it is available for use. While you are only consuming 500 calories, your hypothalamus continually releases the stored fat in your body. Because of this, your body is actually using and burning 3,500 calories a day. The result is your body burning that amount of calories each day, is the reason I lost 0.5 pounds to 1 pound of fat or more per day.
Will hunger in the diet of 500 calories a day?
It is common for mild hunger during the early days, however this will pass and for the second week. You will find even small portions, will be entirely satisfactory. This is due in part to their hypothalamus adjusts its metabolic rate, but partly because of the amount of calories circulating in the system fat is released. It is common for people using hCG feel satisfied before reaching the limit of 500 calories.
What is the hypothalamus gland?
The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage and more importantly, your metabolic rate.
How does a low-calorie diet with hCG?
In short, when a person restricts their calories to 500 per day along with daily doses of hCG, hCG tricks the body burn fat instead of muscle. At any time a person follows a very low calorie diet (no hCG) for weight loss the body does not release enough fat fast, needed to provide energy due to low calories. It is for this reason, these diets usually do not work and are extremely unhealthy. Instead of burning fat that the body starts to burn lean muscle tissue and at some point you can begin to break their bodies.
A low calorie diet along with hCG has proven to work very well for over 50 years. The hCG causes the brain to send a signal to the body to start breaking down fat reserves of energy rather than breaking muscle. This is not only healthier, but weight loss is amazing.
You could not lose much weight eating only 500 calories and not having the hCG?
Yes. The difference is what kind of weight you lose and will have a rebound effect. The aim of hCG is to burn “fat” only while your oobjetivo starvation diets is to burn fat, more muscle and extreme diets, their bodies.
 My metabolism will become slower if I’m on a very low calorie diet?
It is true that normally when there is a reduction in calories and fat, our body stores fat and slow metabolism becomes. This happens because fat is really a vital source of stored energy. When used in conjunction with hCG, the body gives signals to the hormone using stored fat into energy with very low calorie diet and eliminate excess fat reserves. It is a natural process, so there are no negative effects on your metabolism will result. The body undergoes a sculpture of benefits with hCG treatments.
Many of the people who are using HCG to help them lose weight are finding that the hormone helps with the reshaping your body. Unlike many loss programs that only helps weight loss, hCG help the contour decreases body weight and body circumference. HCG also helps in common problem areas, such as reducing the amount of fat deposited in double chins and getting rid of pot bellies. HCG also appears to help rejuvenate structural fat, which contributes to hands, neck and face look updated.
People in the hCG diet should also follow a low calorie diet of only 500 calories per day.Without the help of HCG, a diet of this few calories can results in a loss of muscle mass.The hCG, however, do not experience this side effect. In addition, the hormone appears to reduce appetite, making it easier to stick to the 500 calorie diet.
The benefits of the hCG diet
Obviously, losing weight will help improve the overall health of a person. Researchers also believe that using the hCG helps normalize cholesterol levels in the diet. In addition, the hormone appears to help normalize the thyroid gland and balance the hormones while rebuilding the adrenaline glands. The emotional benefits of HCG Diet
“Inhabitants of the hCG diet also routinely report experiencing less irritability and generally feeling in a better mood. This lift in spirits seems to continue throughout the full treatment period. Patients also report having more restful sleep, which can be partially responsible for the improved mood. patients also report more energized and subjected to therapy feeling. This can be attributed to improved sleep, loss of excess weight and the positive impact of hCG in the adrenal glands .
When I finished treating wrinkles and stretch marks appear?
Here it is where the hCG differs in effect with other weight loss regimens. HCG eliminates abnormal fat deposits. Double chin, pot bellies and fat around the thighs are usually the first to be reduced. Your body needs certain fats that remain available for the function of a healthy body and hCG not reduce these structural and essential tissues necessary. The GCH in our product goes first after abnormal fat deposits. Your body will get a new youthful appearance during the program.
Is it a sexual hormone hCG?
“It can not be sufficiently emphasized that hCG no sex hormones, their action is identical in men, women, children and in cases where the sex glands stop working due to old age or surgical removal. The only sexual change can bring after puberty is an improvement of an existing deficiency. but never stimulation beyond normal. indirectly through the anterior pituitary, hCG regulates menstruation and facilitates conception, but never virilizes a woman or a man of feminizes. nor do men grow breasts nor has any interference with his manhood, although this still poor can improve. Never women grows a beard or develop a gruff voice. He stressed this point just for the sake of my lay readers because is our daily lives that when patients hear the word hormone immediately jump to the conclusion that this must have something to do with sex-sphere. they are not accustomed as we are to think thyroid, insulin, cortisone, adrenaline, etc. ., as hormones. ” Dr. ATW Simeons How much weight can I expect to lose?
If the program is followed perfectly, men report a loss of 1 to ½ pounds per day. As a general rule women do not lose as much as men although some lose about 1 pound per day. The average weight loss for a woman is between ½ pound and 1 pound per day.Women who are taking hormone replacement drugs may not experience as much weight as other women. How difficult is keeping the weight off once I lost?
An average of 70-90% of people who participated in the hCG diet claim they have had no difficulty maintaining their profits. After the hCG diet, which lasts between 7 and 9 weeks, his appetite has changed along with his body. Unless you completely back to their old habits, moderate exercise and healthy eating habits will help you maintain your weight loss. Should women use hCG during their monthly menstrual cycle?
No. The best time for women to start the program immediately after your period. If you want to go in the 30 day program, GCH just stopping the body Shaper hcg drops on strong days of your cycle, continue the limitation of 500 calories and then when you have finished your period begins the GCH Shaper body falls again.
Will my methods of birth control using hCG will be affected?
The hCG will not interfere with any birth control.
What is the shelf life of hCG?
If you are already mixed and cooled, the hormone can last up to 8 weeks without losing their potency. If someone says their hCG does not have to be refrigerated not have any hCG in it.
Are sublingual drops as effective as injections?
If done correctly, the body will absorb between 75% and 85% of the hCG under the tongue.The hCG that is ingested will be destroyed in the stomach. Keep it under your when you can, at least 10minutes, but it’s recommended 20 minutes.
Legal Statement: FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss and there is no substantial evidence published hCG is effective in the treatment of obesity.

Having coffee with the Director of the Municipal Band

The coffees from the best coffee makers smell increasingly imminent summer, we can already notice these days so hot. And despite grades, and reluctance that gives us this time, a week I’m on the ball to get close a little more personalities of our town. This week, that brings back a treble clef and some notes, I find it difficult to stay in one sentence to give the go-ahead to today’s interview, is that … are so many the famous and beautiful quotes about music, to choose a task has not been easy. Said Franz Liszt, pianist and Hungarian – born Austrian composer: “Music is the heart of life. For the love she speaks; without it there is quite possible and with it everything is beautiful “ . All beautiful, but I decided to stay with this because I think it encompasses everything that Pedro Hernandez, our interviewee today, wanted to tell me .11 A native of Zamora, has dedicated most of his life to music. He began his musical training in 1991, and has since lived between scores. Participant in several international competitions, and collaborator in various bands in the province; It is the composer of two funeral marches for Easter zamorana, and several pieces for our people. But it was in April 2008 when he became the visible head of one of the best projects that account Villamayor: The Municipal Band. What gives your life to music? You can not describe in words. It’s a feeling and a host of such great feelings … It gives you that complement that often need psychically in many parts of life … I do not know, it is very difficult to achieve it in a question.When you’re really bad you always have, or music that has led you to reflect what led you to be so bad; as out of it thanks to her, or to convey those feelings of encouragement or hope to people who are making music with you, or tranquility, passion … There are many things. What has been your career path up to the band Villamayor? Professionally I started very prontito Villamayor, because I started working here 18 years. In other bands I have worked as professor of cello, as a musician, as an assistant director or manager of a section of a tiny group within the band … And then here at Villamayor, is where I started to direct the young band , to teach cello, to lead the string orchestra, and then later to lead the band.  How long is bandleader and how they took that challenge? I faced him enthusiastically, because I became bandmaster in 2008. So far, from the background, that side looked much easier maybe. As an instrumentalist, when I played in other bands in other professional orchestras, it is a very different job: you require and you answer, which is you who must demand and respond at once. I faced it with great enthusiasm and desire, because I knew what was here was a very young and eager to do new things, find new challenges facing new situations, desire to grow and do very different things block.  He made a musical composition for the stone fair, tell us about this initiative. Villamayor I made about three “jobs”. First, I make a piece commissioned for the Fair of Stone, on the tenth anniversary. I was asked a light music to close the celebrations of the Fair of Stone, which previously came very important music groups. The piece has a very light atmosphere of Celtic music; also just the year I commissioned it was the following year that came Celtic Frost, then following that path, is a music within that environment. Later, I was commissioned to the hymn he had composed Nicomedes Castro to the Virgen de los Remedios, make an adjustment so that it can play with the band, that people sing and give a structural and compositional form. Finally, I made a pasodoble because I saw the need for a more serious or more formal piece for Villamayor, and also a bit with the thread of the patron saint, stone and, of course, your band. We also know that is a composer two funeral marches for Easter of Zamora, what is more difficult to direct or compose? I do not know. In the composition you have your times, thou brands … In my case, moreover, when I have free time, which is usually very rarely … What it is harder? It depends on how you are, and desire to have. In the case of the composition, you depend so much inspiration to get a good product … you can always leave and resume parked at another time, management will not. I have rehearsal this afternoon, and I have to have it ready, the work very well constructed in my head so that it can explain and to be able to develop. Previous work perhaps requires higher performance. Another thing is if you dedicate yourself exclusively to composition, and I say, “the day 30 have to have a composition”, then date on the calendar, the work would be different. In my case, I’ve taken it calmly and quietly, I would have perhaps been easier to compose. You have made another remarkable piece? The truth is that no, because I composed only compose when I have asked. Someone who pushes me and tells me that there will be a contest for Salamanca marches and encourages me. It gives you that little push. In the case of the other two marches for Zamora, I carry those images and step brothers encouraged me to write something. What the pasodoble wine also filmed by the townsfolk. At the end one thing will lead to each other. Apart from these little things, arrangements that have emerged, but well on my own composing … It is true that I tried once, but it is the work parked for a year, just the idea of what scenes draw musically, not sack weather. What is the most beautiful memories you have of your career? It’s so different … I’m lucky to work a lot in my career. I have very fond memories of my first concerts I gave a German conductor fabulous, and the National Auditorium, willy-nilly hits play. When you’re a young guy and see all the photos of people who have been there and are very nice memories. Also, I was lucky to come back with a terrific French violinist with the Orchestra that was then the Caja Duero Foundation, touching cycles soloists with the Chamber Orchestra … It was also very nice touch sensations. But also any time is special in regard to play. Even playing with the Chamber Orchestra of the Casino of Salamanca, which is the one that usually I play any concert when you see when really the public is given, which is liking, which is carried away by the music, you enjoy as much or more than in the National Auditorium. At the end are small details. The first concert of a big stage, it marks. Others maybe, have given the other equally important or more sites, but maybe are immersed in routine or thinking about other things and do not enjoy that moment. In addition, directing, it was a special moment when, with the band Villamayor, I participated in the contest in Portugal.That was a first experience for many aspects, very rewarding. It was the first time the band came from Spain, the first time faced a contest … They are fond memories.11 The Municipal Band of Villamayor was founded in 1997 to create in the village own musical group. Nineteen years later, the group has established itself as one of the bands of reference of the province, where some 60 musicians contribute their bit to create a unique musical product. Companionship, enthusiasm and sacrifice, he says, are the three pillars on which the band, which defines it as a big family is based. What is the Municipal Band of Villamayor? A great band. It is a place where people of different types, of various ages … We have a man with 84 years and another 10 years is. It is an explosive mixture. We have farmers, university professors have … What is best of all? Who joins the love of music. It’s a great family, after all, because problems arise as in all households; We coexisted many hours; when we travel, we discussed the best couples … It’s a mixture of everything you can imagine in life. Is a place where you can laugh, where you can mourn where you can get angry, where you can live the best moments of your life … A band really is this. Everything you can imagine in life, you can live in the band.Since people who get their best friends through music, even the worst enemies; and yet, thanks to music together. It is one of the few aspects where or yes, we all have to be connected in one way or another. That is achieved in the band, how? I think it’s a miracle. A miracle of music is so different that people can tune in that way. There is no doubt that the Municipal Band of Villamayor is a very nice project in which different people join forces for their love of music. That something is done to our people is something we should be proud, not only for all the benefits that entails for it, but it is here where love is promoted by culture, art, and where to be, as I said Pedro, a big family.11 Pedro Hernandez has been one of those people totally unknown to me, but left me a good feeling. His love and passion for music has made me realize how important is this in our lives, and all that gives us as people. In addition, to evaluate his entire career and appreciate the great efforts and sacrifices had to do to get to where he has come. Peter is the head of something, one way or another, we belong. That is why I can only say thank you.

Wool carpet cleaning Boston – MA Rug Cleaning Services

“We were looking for a company to remove some stains of wine from our wool carpet after a party Saturday night. We have found www.londoncleanltd.co.uk/carpet-cleaning.html and had to come over for a free quote on the site. The man who was presented was very professional and very knowledgeable, so I gave him the rug. price was also reasonable considering the amount of work he had to do. after a week we got back the carpet. stainless and smells good. thanks – Agara Rug Cleaners “Ben.J, Brooklyn

before & after

Wool carpet cleaning NYC

So you are planning to get a wool carpet in your home. In fact, this is a great investment, as long as the value of your carpet preserve and maintain its beauty. How to do this? By regularly cleaning your carpet. As time passes, dirt will accumulate on your carpet and must use a service carpet cleaning professional to get it cleaned wool. Failure to do this will allow the particles are collected on the fiber, which increases damage when accumulation.

If you send your carpet for us, we will submit our carpet cleaning process advanced wool and make sure that their quality is maintained for several years to come. In what follows, we describe our process of cleanup, but note that some of the steps vary with each rug.

Pre-inspection of your carpet

No matter what type of carpet, this is always the first step of our process wool carpet cleaning. We thoroughly inspect your carpet and record their quality, durability and color.We also examined the spots and try to find its origin. Accordingly, we find an appropriate method that will take care of all stains. We also determine appropriate cleaning process, the quality of your carpet will not deteriorate or damage it in any way.

The stain removal

Once you have determined the type of stains on your carpet, we begin removing them. We use cleaning products of this quality. They act with the stain and loosen the tie that stain particles are developed with the fibers. If necessary, we will immerse the carpet for some time in the agents to completely remove the particles, but this will have no negative effect on your carpet.

The soil removal

The next step of our process of cleaning wool rugs is to get rid of dirt. We do this with a number of techniques. The simplest of these is to shake the carpet that effectively gets rid of any loose dirt. Then we use our advanced vacuum to remove all dust particles more effectively.
At this stage, not to wet the carpet, because doing so simply embeds dirt particles more firmly.

Dry carpet cleaning

Overall, we dry clean your wool carpet. If we wash and rinse with water it could damage the carpet. As such, dry cleaning is a better choice in most cases. Even if we have to wash your carpet for some reason, that by very rapid drying techniques for the quality of your carpet is not affected.

Additional treatments

Once your carpet before us wool carpet cleaning process, it can serve a number of our additional treatments.
stain protection
If you choose this service, give your wool carpet an extra layer of protection. Now your carpet will be able to offer a resistance to most stains.
Moth resistant
A service of resistance prevents the growth moth moth on your wool carpet.

source www.londoncleanltd.co.uk/carpet-cleaning.html

Political and cigarettes: the audacity to be smokers

Schmidt, Bersani, Churchill and Chirac … and cigars (Photo: © Falk Steinborn)


In the train station, at work, driving at night and even at home … “In the end, that smoke is going to have to go to the Atlantic Ocean”, he declared recently the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. Smoking kills. And it kills even in the political sense: politicians can not afford to be unclear about this.

Here is a brief overview of the European scene in relation to smokers and nonsmokers political practices.A slab has fallen over the heads of tar smokers. The cigar pipes for sale is no longer fashionable among politicians. What accuse the French President Sarkozy had drunk a little more than necessary at the meeting of G8 with Vladimir Putin ? Nothing happens, and had a good time with the video. What Hollande , Socialist candidate for the French presidential elections, a tribute is given before the cameras with a breakfast of “stiff-fillet of beef-cheese” when, from 2007 , stop not hear messages such as “by your health, prevent too fat meals, too sweet, too salty “? Nothing happens, they will call it vividor and folksy.

Marine Le Pen, only candidate smoker?

Put aside the political-financial scandals and sexual offenses forgiven: it seems that politicians only want to set an example through snuff, always with the complicity of journalists. And what happens at election time? It gets worse. It is well known that several candidates smoke one cigarette after another. As Jean-Luc Mélenchon , who in his electoral website confesses “smoking a little too” in an attempt to approach the voters.

Marine Le Pen has been the only one that has been photographed smoking a cigarette , although the “official” means there is no trace of the photo. The newspaper Libération timidly dares to say that “the boss smokes , ” but is for the better demonize the candidate of the extreme right in a report on its election offices . The snuff, taboo subject.

The last cigar Chirac

Other times

In fact, politicians are public more characters: control their public image and filter aspects of their private life they want to know everyone. And the paparazzi follow them the game.Still, when a picture comes to light, horror! ¿ Carla Bruni-Sarkozy hunted “by surprise” smoking? The consensus of the “tabacológicamente” right is so present that image is shocking. Luckily for our unaccustomed eyes, they have covered the cigar. We are saved.Bertrand Delanoë , mayor of Paris , did not suffer the same fate: his cigar is visible, proud, provocative, unsustainable under a title where you have to read between the lines: “Bertrand Delanoe smoking up at a funeral.” It will jerk.Turn poor Jacques Chirac , whose cigar in hand photograph could not become cover of his memoirs in 2009 . In fact, this visionary had already shelved nicotine in 1988 , after his second defeat in the presidential election, noting the failure of his image of “French anyone” may Chirac is not a good example for this teenager who doubt whether to give his first puff or not, but it is for the French political class. What Prime Minister would draw in2012 its package of snuff in full interview to light a cigarette emulating Pompidou in1962 ? The known fact that José Luis Zapatero is occasional smoker did not help that his anti – smoking law was viewed favorably in January 2011 : the results more by giving example of modesty dictate that it is better not to smoke, yet Chirac he has never put aside his crown: its dependence on beer is so nice.

Churchill and recalcitrants

Some idea of class

Winston Churchill , on the contrary, never stopped smoking cigars: tobacco control can not stand up to the imprint of history and the aura of mythical icon. There are several politicians who have never ceased to be dependent on snuff to the point of making it your brand image. Santiago Carrillo , who led the Spanish Communist Party from 1960 to1982 , never went out without his cigar, even in the television sets, exhaling wisps that claimed a certain freedom of thought. The same kind of luxury he could also affordHelmut Schmidt , historical figure of the German Social Democratic Party who, with 93 years s, still smoking, even in the hospital.

And his cigar in mouth

In Italy everyone knows that Pier Luigi Bersani , secretary general of the Partito Democratico (center-left), smokes cigars: a man who comes from the common people and this only serves to remind us . The opposite happened to the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, whose penchant for exclusive cigars Cohiba made him the leader of a left unapologetic from the monetary point of view, even at the risk of becoming the center of criticism. Nicolas Sarkozy , for Meanwhile, avoid smoking cigars lately, but this is not enough to stop accusing him of being the “President of the rich”, especially after they give away 12,000 euros in pure a member of the government on account of State scandal She came to light in 2010 .Other times, other customs. Lech Walesa smoked menthol cigarettes during their meetings and round table 1989 , announcing the return of free elections, is famous for its thick clouds of smoke that enveloped the negotiating room. 20 years later Parliament ashtrays were auctioned while Walesa long ago no longer smokes. In the conquered freedom he has followed the smoking ban for homo politicus. The torchbearers of the freedom to smoke is not displease, it was not necessarily better before. Public health is fastidious but is not prohibited glad that few politicians smoke in public, albeit for thewrong reasons. A little more effort and will no longer be indecent ask them to stop their orgies.

Best time to travel to Mauritius

The climate in Mauritius is tropical, with variations depending on the season and area.

When traveling to Mauritius

From January to April it is predominantly a warm climate with high humidity and temperatures around 25 ° C to 30 ° C. There is possibility of cyclones at this time, but fortunately these are unusual. The lowest temperatures occur between July and September; typically less than 25 ° C, which even so still quite hot.

villa in mauritius can visit all year round without any problems: surfers usually prefer the months of June, July and August and divers find optimal conditions between September and March.

Mauritius Attractions

Port-Louis , the capital, which has a terrible traffic, mainly seduce you by colorful sights and smells of the market, in addition to its mosque and the Museum of Natural History.

Curepipe , in the interior of the island, has a charming English style with its teas and its stunning botanical gardens. On the outskirts of the city, the extinct crater of Trou-aux-Cerfs , thewaterfalls of Tamarindo and the Black River Gorges National Park all of them deserve a visit.

Do not miss the botanical gardens of Pamplemousses where you can find several fascinating species of plants such as giant water lilies and bamboo gold among many others.

When traveling to Mauritius

The north of the island, which is popular with tourists, offers incredible white sand beaches, coral reefs and several tourist villages with resorts that can be a little crowded, especially Grande Baie and Trou-aux-Biches.

In Mauritius you can visit Rodrigues, a small-scale replica, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy some nice walks and also offers beautiful diving spots.

During the different stages of your journey through this fascinating island you will be captivated by the warmth and colors, an effect that feel both tourists and visitors and residents.

Temperatures and weather conditions in Mauritius

Top 10 political films of 2015

A year for consecutive quarter, I gather the main political films of the year ( 2014 , 2013and 2012 -pdf, pages 25 to 30-), something that has become a classic of this blog and one of its inputs most visited . This really is the selection made for the last issue of the magazine ” The Grinder ACOP ” in which the best books, web pages, profiles of twitter and characters and concepts are also collected more prominent this year , between other content.

Which met here it is those which, under my subjective personal opinion , are the ten most important films about politics. Although I try to expose that have been released in Spain during 2015, also included Free Movies Online that have not yet been released in our country, but theyhave been issued during 2015 in their respective countries. Here I leave the article.Lights, camera and action!

movies 2015

It is already a tradition in the special issue of December collect the films that, throughout the year, have made the political issues at the core of their frames. On this occasion, we bring a variety of shows and films come from or are recreated in Spain, England, theUnited States, Russia, Germany, Italy and North Korea. And although the subject matter is always policy and related media, different situations based on real events or fictionalized recreations, elections, trials, corruption … in various genres such as satire, comedy, drama, addressed the thriller and even the documentary.

As for series, political fiction still interested and testing are the large number of series that burst onto our screens. Thus, we find ” Babylon “ , released in late 2014 on Channel 4 British and early this 2015 in the United States, which has the misadventures of an expert on US public relations disembarks in the communications department of the British police with an arduous task, improve damaged the image and reputation of the security of London. Another sensation of the year was the return of David Simon, the creator of ‘The Wire’, with the miniseries ” Show Me a Hero “ , which explores notions of home, race and community through the lives of bureaucrats, activists and citizens of the city of Yonkers, in upstate New York. ” 1992 ” is a thriller political located in Milan early nineties, when the major political, economic and social upheaval that has lived Italy in recent decades took place: the Tangentopoli case, a corruption scandal that uncovered the political framework which for years allowed tax evasion, illegal party financing and embezzlement of public funds. And recently it has been the premiere on our screens almost simultaneously with the United States (TNT), of ” Agent X ” starring Sharon Stone who plays the first vice president of the US government Humorously we find two examples: the US ” The Brink “, a complete mockery of world diplomacy, which tells how three desperate and crazy men lose the papers victims of a geopolitical crisis living closely; and ” Miracles campaign , ” a miniseries Argentina describing key comedy construction of political candidates as if they were consumer products. Last but already by 2016, Atresmedia TV is filming a thrillercontemporary, ” Embassy “, which will address political corruption and retell the stories of the characters who live and work in a Spanish embassy.

And you leave a tip short: ” I, president “. What if there is a power vacuum in our country and is randomly chosen one person to handle it ? The chaos of the last elections in the country because the vast majority of the white vote alarm bells in Europe. We must seek a ruling rapidly and, through a psychological study shows that the most gifted person to lead the nation is to have more friends on Facebook. Thus, the choice turns out to be Anna, a long – term stop with two runs, mother and occasional waitress. This positive comedy about politics and fauna makes us reflect on the power of social networks and the entry into politics of someone with no knowledge of politics or economics.

B, the film

Luis Barcenas, former treasurer of the Popular Party, becomes the protagonist of the debut of David Ilundain, ‘B’. On July 15, 2013, Luis Barcenas, was transferred from prison to testify at the High Court. To this day, had denied any connection with the so-called “papers Barcenas,” but after 18 days in jail and sick of threats to his wife -testificó- the PP came to him, he decided to change his statement. This film portrays what happened in that room that day.

Everything that appears in the script of this film is a real transcript, without artifice, what Luis Barcenas told the judge Ruz, a recreation of five hours of testimony, with a clear reference, ” Frost / Nixon “. The former treasurer dissected double counting, corruption of 20 years of the Popular Party and emphatically explains what for him was the day – to -day work as treasurer.

Very few people remember the caliber of the statement that day by Barcenas. Against this oblivion, Jordi Casanovas wrote the play “Ruz-Barcenas” , with the same performers paddling in a dialectical duel, Pedro and Manolo Casablanc Single- that ran for months at the Teatro del Barrio and that’s where its director, David Ilundain, decided to move to the screen with a campaign of crowdfunding for funding, since it has not received public aid.



political drama that takes us to the days after the British general election of 2010. As the polls closed and the votes began to be counted, the political landscape for the three main parties changed. The Labour Party, which was believed touched death, achieved better results than expected, but not enough to form a new government. The Conservatives, the main opposition party, was the one that counted most seats in parliament, but failed a clear majority. The Liberal Democrats a distant third force before the elections, now is who holds the balance of power. Without a clear winner, this could be your chance to govern But be on the side of the Conservatives or Labour? Nick Clegg is the new kid in Westminster, living in the shadow of David Cameron and Gordon Brown. You now have the power to change the British political landscape, and the fate of his party, a decision that will be critical.

Telefilm whose central axis are the negotiations that followed the penultimate British parliamentary elections, the only in history in which there was no absolute majority, requiring first negotiations for the formation of government and the election of Prime Minister . Although the -estrenada cinematically film for Channel 4 in the UK – is not very bright, their interest is justified in the recreation of an intense and exciting of recent British political history now.

The truth

Immersed 2004. US elections the country in the war against Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems that George W. Bush will be reelected President of the United States. News producer Mary Mapes CBS and its partner, the presenter Dan Rather, they discover a story that could change the course of the election: Bush had used all sorts of influences to avoid going to the Vietnam War. Issuing a special edition of the legendary program ’60 minutes’, which brings to light the fact unleashes a storm informative Mapes and Rather will have to fight to prove the veracity of the news, putting truth above political and economic interests that hide behind the media.

The film, debutant James Vanderbilt, before screenwriter of ” Zodiac ” does not want to be a plea or less a rally and presents the facts as transparent as possible with a structure ofthriller journalism ‘. This tape is the first to reach the undercard of a long succession of productions on committed journalists and media commitments that will see in the coming months, as expected Spotlight .


Kolya lives in a small town next to the Barents Sea in northern Russia. He owns a garage that is near the house where he lives with Lilya, his young wife, and Rome, his son from a previous marriage.

Vadim Cheleviat, mayor of the town, is determined to win the business, the house and the plot of Kolya. First it offers you money, but Kolya can not conceive of life without his workshop and lands, and especially without being able to enjoy the natural beauty that has surrounded him since he was born. Given the refusal of Kolya, Vadim Cheleviat decides to use more expeditious methods.

Andrey Zvyagintsev builds a hard story about the fruitless struggle of a single individual against an alienating system. As in the Leviathan of Hobbes, tells a story about the impossibility of facing a higher power, a reflection that reveals the miseries of our time and the vision of a Russia ravaged by corruption. This is a movie daughter of his time, a thriller– as the critic with a powerful dramatic, beautiful and well told burden recounts one of the toughest and most lucid reflections of society today.

Look who’s back

In 2011, Adolf Hitler in Berlin awakes with no memory of anything happened after the year 1945. Eva Braun, homeless and without resources, Hitler begins to reinterpret Germany sees in the XXI century from the Nazi perspective … in midst of peace, with a woman as chancellor of Germany and thousands of foreigners, even though nothing has changed his thinking since 1945, begins an amazing career as a television comedian.

This film, mockumentary format -similar to ” Borat ” – is the adaptation of the novel “has become” Timur Vermes, who hypothesizes what would happen if Hitler had survived.

The film was a success of public in Germany as well as the subject of discussion in the media сomunicación.


Selma is the chronicle of the struggle of political and activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in defense of civil rights. The film focuses on the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965, which led President Lyndon B. Johnson to approve the law on voting rights for black citizens.

Candidate for the Academy Award for Best Picture, Selma is a film that could have offered more viewers because it addresses one of the most critical periods in American history of the twentieth century, the political activism of a young Martin Luther King, leaving the last minutes their most powerful, credible and harrowing images: the actual march, filmed in black and white documentary filmmakers and newsreels of the time.



The Suburra was a vast and populous neighborhood of ancient Rome located on the slopes of the hills of the Quirinal and Viminal. Since the population of the lower section consisted of an urban underclass living in miserable conditions, even though he was facing a monumental area and utility, the term Suburra still in Italian the meaning of a place of ill repute , scene of crime and immorality.

Suburra is the title chosen for a film that reflects a Rome full of politicians, criminals figures of the institutions, church and mobsters rather than be harmed by corruption scandals, rising exponentially. In the words of its director, this film is a ” gangster movie that reflects the end of an era, a political world and a criminal world that is becoming something else, yet we do not know what, and that, therefore, stir leaving his blood passage remains waiting for a kind of new order. ”

A large real estate project that will flood cement the outskirts of the city serves as a backdrop to tell the story of a politician and the son of an unscrupulous builder. From the creators of ” Romanzo Criminale ” and ” Gomorrah “, this film is the prelude to a series of 10 chapters that will be produced by Netflix, the first Italian production, and released in 2017.



It tells the story of the English suffragettes at the dawn of World War II. Most of these women came from upper classes, but were working women who saw their peaceful protests were useless. Radicalized and turning his increasingly violent struggle, were willing to lose everything in their relentless quest for equality: their jobs, their homes, their children and their lives.

The film, a hard, raw and relevant sample of feminist history, is based on the story of Maud, one of these women, and their struggle for dignity and that of their partners.


Red Army

Documentary that chronicles the crossed destinies of the Soviet Union and the ice hockey team known as “The Red Army”, a unique dynasty in sports history. Former team captain Slava Fetisov, recalls his unusual career: first adulated as a national hero and then condemned as a political enemy. That “Red Army” is one of the protagonists of the social, cultural and political life of their country’s history: like the USSR, passing through a time of greatness and then comes the decline, and finally the changes it brings contemporary Russia. “Red Army” presented by Werner Herzog and producer Jerry Weintraub, tells the extraordinary story of the Cold War on ice and the life of a man who dared to confront the Soviet system.

Centering apparently in sport, in the dazzling array of hockey of the Soviet Union, basically he is talking about the rise and fall of the propaganda that absolute power tries to disguise its shortcomings, sell lies, corralling the rebel, manipulate opinion public, blackmail those players who idolize the masses, promoting the role of betrayal and fear, and impose coaching a political commissar.


The advertising game 

Documentary in which the various techniques and strategies of propaganda, focusing on the surprising and always striking case of North Korea are analyzed. The film was shot taking advantage of privileged access to film in North Korea hand Cao de Benos Alexander, the only foreigner who works for the communist government.

With its secrecy, its cult of the leader and the extravagances of the regime of Kim Jong-un, North Korea raises in the West a mixture of horror and fascination. The director of this documentary, in an ironic and entertaining, try to find out what lies beyond.

The film examines the strategies used by the different “players” to manipulate the “truth” and their interests. false news, surrealist polemics half-truths and serve for the viewer to reach their own conclusions and reflect on how difficult it is to know the truth.

5 best movies about politics of all time

The film has been a showcase to reflect the policy of an era and the consequences it has had on the nations involved.  

5 Best Movies on policy for election week

There are tapes that have become the count of the past, in the living biography of societies which were reflected. Some scripts show ideologies, thoughts, frustrations and political conflicts that have awakened the social conscience of its viewers.

These are the five films that you should see, please visit movie25 for more detail:

1. The Great Dictator (The Great Dictator – 1940)

Director: Charles Chaplin

Starring: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and Jack Oakie


Synopsis: A Jewish barber living under the dictatorship of Hynkel (parody of Hitler), which has launched an anti – Semitic campaign as a smokescreen for his country willnot realize its economic problems. Hynkel an accident is mistaken for the barber, and vice versa.

Review: Charles Chaplin was a genius like few others , he managed to make one of the best movies ever, knowing balance the drama with comedy formidably. The final speech is perfect, speaks of freedom and hope ; Chaplin’s words are so strong that even today are in force. A classic in letters.

2. Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane – 1941)

Director: Orson Welles

Starring: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton and Everett Sloane

Synopsis: A well – known newspaper magnate dies  saying ‘Rosebud’, a journalist begins to investigate the life of a millionaire in order to discover the meaning of his last words to die.

Review: The film is the representation of power in the media. It has everything to be considered a cinematic gem. She was nominated for nine Oscars and won only one, ‘Best Original Screenplay’, one of the greatest injustices of this contest. Orson Wells knew intelligently manage from photography to music in an extraordinary way.Indispensable. This movie is available in High Quality on Movie4k

3. V for Vendetta (V for Vendetta – 2005)

Address: James McTeigue

Starring: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving and Stephen Rea

Synopsis: Set in a fictional future in England. Shows a ‘V’, an anonymous hero who seeks freedom of the oppressed by the regime. It is hidden under a mask of Guy Fawkes and seeks the destruction of the fascist state in which he lives.

Critique: An explosive and an intelligent script adapted from Alan Moore comic film.The dark atmosphere and the theme on which it is based make it a cult film. This film speaks openly about homophobia, censorship and fascism , and how they can reach demeans society.  

4. Battleship Potemkin (Potemkin Bronenosets – 1925)

Address: Sergei M. Eisenstein

Cast: Aleksandr Antonov, Grigori Alexandrov and Vladimir Barskij

Synopsis:. Based facts The film tells the riot that occurred on the battleship Potemkin in 1905 , when the tired crew of humiliating treatment of tsarist officers rebels when they try to force them to eat spoiled food.

Review: Innovative at the time by the technical resources he had. It is considered by some as the best film propagandist of history. It is a film that has drama, history and war. Being dumb focuses on the faces of his protagonists to tell what is happening with the dramatization of those times. Best scene: baby carriage on the stairs.

5. – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939).

Director: Frank Capra

Starring: Jean Arthur, James Stewart and Claude Rains

Synopsis: Jefferson Smith, he is a naive, idealistic young man, who is appointed senator. His character makes an easy target among politicians and corrupt businessmen who try to leave their ideals again. Smith will fight for democracy and justice despite all odds.  

Review: The best performance by James Stewart with the splendid direction of Frank Capra. The film is based on the struggle for democracy against the selfishness of that amount for their own good and it not for his country , is an extremely pessimistic drama politics. Was controversy in the United States for the representation of politicians of that era that could easily be this, selfish and corrupt people.  

Brazilian Newbie Experience Studying Dentists in Boston, US

My experience as a dentist trained in Brazil and working in the US has helped many other Brazilian colleagues who wish to pursue dentistry here in Uncle Sam’s land. I always tried to make clear how much is a root canal, that although the process is long and expensive, it is not impossible as I was told in my first year of college.

Diploma validation, Advanced Standing Program, NERB, NBDE Part I and II, AEGD … I did not know anything about these programs, events and possibilities. All this began to appear in my life as the days went by.

This week it was confirmed that a colleague with whom work was accepted into the Advanced Standing Program at Tufts Univeristy School of Dentistry in Boston, MA. He is a graduate in the Philippines and works with us there a little over a year and a half. Unlike me, he has been preparing to be accepted in this program there are at least 3 years. It was approved in NBDE Part I and II (prerequisite to be accepted by Dentist Melbourne), TOEFL, NERB – clinical and written part – and soon in April will initiate the validation of his diploma in one of the most prestigious US Dental Schools . Read up yet, most respected and one of the most expensive. The program for foreign Dentists complete the program revolves around US $ 130,000.00 (one hundred and thirty thousand dollars).

On the last Friday we were talking about his last days working with us and some questions came to my head. Thinking about the information that could share here on the blog, I want to leave some impressions obtained directly from whom this a few days to begin their classes.

1)    House.

Living in Boston is one of the most expensive adventures there. A close kitchenette college costs at least US $ 1,200.00 (one thousand two hundred dollars a month). It is not yet included water, electricity and food.According to information obtained, is achieved live with a $ 2,000.00 budget (two thousand dollars) per table. But living means: being sheltered, not die of cold and hunger. No trifles as cable internet, cable TV and smart phones.

2)    Locomotion.

Owning in car in a big city like Boston requires a relatively large budget. If your car is still financed in addition to the monthly payment of this, you need to pay a garage to park it. One of the points discussed in this conversation I had was that this fellow is with heart in hand and sad to imagine that you have to have your car because it does not have where you keep it or how to pay for it, missing little more a year and a half settles it.

3)    Work.

As already previously commented student studies and does not work.Due to extremely intense hourly load placed on foreign students, the possibility of practically nonexistent work. weekends are used for planning clinical cases, preparation of written work, a lot of reading and study. I know of very few cases where foreign students can make a little money working in Community Health Centers  on weekends – Saturday and Sunday one or the other. Working a day of 8 hours per week to an average of US $ 45.00 (forty five dollars) per hour, little can-do more than US $ 1,400.00 (one thousand four hundred dollars) per month. This without the discount income tax that takes close to 27% of the gross amount. To pay the tuition of your smart phone.

4)    immediate Spent.

In order to book a place in the school is required to make a deposit – non-refundable – US $ 3,000.00 (three thousand dollars). Once completed the entry, it will still be required another $ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) for the execution of its registration. Want to come validate your Dentistry Diploma in the US? Book US $ 5,000.00 (five thousand dollars) for each school that accepts you as a student. My suggestion is to choose one and try at all costs to be accepted by it. This colleague was accepted at two universities. The first in Chicago released its approval about one month before the result he wanted in Boston. To hold your reservation enrolls, he prepaid the five thousand dollars. Shortly after the Tufts University called it already asking three thousand US dollars. The other two thousand will be paid in two consecutive months. The five thousand paid for the first school he never  in front of you. The other five thousand who have payment completed by the middle of the year will be put in one hundred and thirty thousand US dollars to be paid by the course.

I did a little research on the price of dental schools in Brazil and the US here. The numbers were amazing.

I concluded that a year paid on a College North American equivalent to four years of a Brazilian.

Make Dentistry in Brazil is not an adventure for many. But still many to follow.

Here in the US only the best students are accepted in schools. They go through trials and tests and interviews and all necessary selection of luck to make sure that the quality of education level and students is always the best.

Best wishes and success always!

Tips for traveling from Boston to Mauritius

Mauritius is a fairly developed country and does not require very special recommendations . These tips are quite general and can be applied to any tropical country near Ecuador.

Avoid driving at night

If you rent a car it is highly recommended to avoid driving at night on back roads as they are not lit and the layout is very irregular. It also indicates that local people have been burgled in certain coastal roads – northeast of the island -.

Water shoes

Although it may not be classified as essential, the beaches are coral and water is possible to find coral, sea urchins, starfish … so you do not wear shoes more water, especially in certain beaches on the island.


Like any self – respecting tropical country, Mauritius is not free from mosquitoes and other insects .The local mosquito bite is more painful and persistent that European mosquitoes , so it is better to besafe.

Mauritius, its most familiar face
The most familiar face of Mauritius

To avoid bites you can take insect repellent spray(Relec recommend extra strong) or bracelet . Both things can be purchased at any pharmacy. The bracelets are more comfortable and the smell is less strong than the Relec.

Eating well-cooked food

As is the case with mosquitoes in many tropical countries there is a parasite called Gnathostoma .This parasite can be found in fish and meat and can lead to serious consequences. To avoid the problem,just not eat food undercooked .

Solar protection

Regardless of the time of year in which you viajéis and clouds and rains that will touch the sun in Mauritius burns much even in winter. Do not be with the solar spare no factor. If you plan to snorkel, it is not a bad idea to wear a shirt to avoid burning.


Mountain Le Morne
Mountain Le Morne

While most hotels usually provide the most common medications, it is always interesting to pack basic medicines as anti-inflammatory or anti-diarrheal ..

Bottled water

Although it is a fairly obvious advice, do not drink tap water, always bottled compradla.

Respect to ice, except in quality hotels and restaurants, where the water is treated and ice causes no problem elsewhere is advisable to ask the cold and ice drink .

Booking in advance

Book flight and hotel reservation to mauritius apartment as far in advance is the best way to save money, do not miss our advice in these sections.


Although arriving from Europe no vaccine is required to enter the country, it is always interesting to have the immunization day. Hepatitis A, tetanus and typhoid are diseases that always should be forewarned .

If you plan to do a package with Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries should you ask quote in Foreign Health . Be at least one month in advance for you time to vacunaros of possible diseases.


The most luxurious hotels on the island to require long pants dinnertime, so do not forget to put some in the suitcase. Also in the winter nights (July to September) pretty cool (relatively), so it is advisable to wear a thin jacket.


Whether in the market for Port Louis or to take a taxi, Mauritius is normal haggle. In markets should not pay more than 50% of the initial price.

Adapting to schedule the island

To take the pulse of Mauritius and enjoy the most have to vary somewhat times and adjust to daylight hours, before rising and going to bed sooner. Breakfasts start at 7:00 and finish dinner at 22:00.

Shaun T as Cize Trainer

Shaun T Choreo

Shaun T Cize workout reviews has danced for the biggest names in the music industry and knows a lot about the dance techniques. Now he returns to his dancing roots, and sharing this passion with YOU.He will accompany you every step of the way, guiding you through simple sequences that allow you to master a really impressive dance routine and you unleash – and to achieve an amazing shape!  You will have fun learning to master the choreography proposed by Sham’ T and,without you  realize that you are about to undergo intense training session of Cardio. Put yourself in great shape with the latest Shaun T. dance training program This 4-week program is so much fun because by the time you learn to dance, you do not even realize that you follow a great cardio work.

Cize is really the end of the word “Exercize” which aims to appeal equally to those who lite to train those who do not like to feel taken to make training routines: CIZE is cause while having fun! Shaun shows you step by step movement by including them in a complete ;sequence dance in just 35-40 minutes. Just when you learn to 21 DAY Fl master the dance moves, you also burn fat and calories.

Everything was choreographed to the latest news on pop music in order to make you spend a maximum of energy and make you move! Then you get an effective (workout while learning the kinds of dance moves that you see in music videos and dance performances. Follow Shaun T and you will dance on the first day!

The accounting and tax profession: do the right thing

The accounting and tax profession: do the right thing

The Federation of European Accountants (FEE) has associated with Xero bookkeeper sydney to publish a document issuing opinions on the responsibility of the accounting profession in taxes. Thus, the EEF believes that tax policy, and how key players interact in their development needs thorough rethinking. Fiscal policy should adapt to changing circumstances and respond to urgent public demands. The accounting profession, through their experience and knowledge of existing tax systems, is a major contributor in this debate.

In this paper published by the EEF it is to clarify the role and responsibility of accounting professionals in the context of tax policy. It also highlights the positive role that the accounting profession has on the proper functioning of the taxation systems of European states.

In the context of the financial and economic crisis in progress, several European countries have carried out painful reforms and public spending cuts that have affected all sectors of society, which has ensured that discussions on fiscal equity, evasion and avoidance have remained on the political agenda. The accounting profession has a clear role to play in these discussions and the question is no longer about whether the change will come, but when and how.

This work has two objectives Main:

  • First, it emphasizes the positive role that the accounting profession has on the proper functioning of the taxation systems of European states; Y
  • Secondly, it clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the profession in the context of tax policy.

Accounting professionals, policy makers and the general public require a thorough understanding of the responsibility that the accounting profession (as a whole as well as individual professional accountants) can or can not take, not only in legal terms but also ethically. This will help ensure that future fiscal policy reforms are directed so as to allow achieve the maximum desired effect.

Diaz pregnancy reopens the debate on political reconciliation

Have only been a few hours since President of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, she announced her pregnancy and has already had to explain how his personal life will not affect in any way their public task as policy. “It will not affect the electoral calendar. I’m going to reconcile my job with pregnancy as do thousands of women.” Pregnant three months, will be mother in summer, becoming the first president of an autonomous government to be during his tenure.

I’m like all women, pulling the cart all in this situation have previously seen other women of national and international policy . Carme Chacon and Soraya Saenz de Santamaria and suffered criticism for keeping its activity during pregnancy and cut her down maternity later. Outside our borders they have also been cases highly controversial, as the French Rachida Dati, who resigned to its low for fear of being “away” from office. Or the two MEPs who came to vote with her baby.

More difficult is finding the case of a man questioned his paternity. The most striking was that of Tony Blair , who “agreed” to reduce operation time and thereby gained popularity, which took as an example the British Prime Minister David Cameron also.

Carme Chacon was one of the most controversial pregnancies Spanish politics in the last decade. It was the first pregnant in charge of a ministry (then Housing) woman . The socialist Defense Ministry released in an advanced state of pregnancy. In April 2008 vowing office , and came just days after the first reviews. Afghan troops were surprised to see the presence of Catalan, and 7 months, accompanied by a psychologist and a pediatrician. Experts advised against travel in such an advanced state, but the minister would meet his first concern, the soldiers on the ground. ” I never do anything to endanger the health of the fetus , ” he said.

But criticism did not stop their activity, and perpetuated in time with its subsequent decisions. The first, that of sharing maternity leave with her husband and moved to the ministry to live to spend more time with your child. Conciliation? ¿Barriers to breastfeeding? ¿Shared Roles? There were many questions and unknowns in the first public pregnancy of such magnitude. ” I’m like all women , pulling the cart all … It’s a matter of organizing , ” he said on television. In a cloud of criticism, some voices bucked to take her as an example. As a woman seeking reconciliation, which introduces the family concept and dismantling the social idea that women can not reconcile motherhood with work.

Here you have to work until the end

History repeated itself just three years later. Again a woman in public power, in this case Soraya Saenz de Santamaria , in the disparadero. And once again he questioned its activity after returning to work just 10 days after giving birth. Then spokesman, Saenz de Santamaria Popular Party returned a closing campaign rally, celebrating the triumph and the transfer of power. “Here you have to work until the end.”

The now Deputy Prime Minister had to defend himself before the same issues Chacon. “The shots have to give them, that’s unfailingly”. Although certain aspects took it with humor, as when in the celebration of victory at the headquarters of Genoa the Prime Minister himself, at the request of their voters to jump, he turned to her and said: “You can not” . I had just had a C – section. Eleven days after giving birth to Ivan, he resigned his low and sworn in as vice president.

Babies in the European Parliament

A Saenz de Santamaria it is then compared with the French Justice Minister Rachida Dati , who dispensed with its low and stood just five days after having your child via Caesarean section , recognizing that he had done not to be “away” from office. Even the PSOE itself, which had previously relied on the case of Chacon in their ranks, criticized the decision. ” He has lost an opportunity to make teaching on reconciliation between family and personal life , ” he assured the spokesman for Equality in Congress, Carmen Heap. Questioned about the differences in both cases, he said the Spanish had enjoyed six weeks. “Dati belongs to a Conservative government. I think that progressive women, with our lives, we often more example.”

The progressive women, with our lives, we often more example The debate has also been controversial in Europe. In the European Parliament itself has seen parliamentary carrying his baby. In 2009 the Danish Hanne Dahl had his little arms Gaia in a vote. “I do not choice but my husband had to attend a meeting and I had to vote , ” he said. The youngest was just two months. “My husband has paternity leave, because I can not leave my post. Often is with him in his office and I approach every three hours to feed.

Speaking to ObGyn NYC , Dahl claimed to reconcile in the European Parliament was almost impossible. “The MEPs that pregnant during the legislature can not enjoy maternity leave in any case, may leave his post to care for your baby . It is very hard for young women to have a place here.”

A similar case was that of Italian Licia Ronzulli , who came to vote with her baby as a “symbol” of the difficulties of reconciliation . Member of the party People of Freedom (PDL) of Silvio Berlusconi, went to Strasbourg with his girl just a few days of life. “I want to be a symbol, with my daughter Victoria”.

Is it only if you are a woman?

The popularity of Tony Blair went off to have her fourth child during his tenure as Prime Minister. Forced by the pressures, decició take only one week of paternity leave but agreed to reduce their activity. According to the media expressed, the birth would provide the opportunity to regain the popularity he had lost.

I have a country to run , something not even stop doing during the holidays. Of course I’ll be more with Cherie -his wife-, but be sensible. I can not desentenderme if you have or even global a national crisis” he told The Observer .

The current British Prime Minister David Cameron , followed suit and ran out two weeks allowed by law to enjoy fatherhood.